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The drug Caduet
Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in modern medicine – is a matter of priority. It’s not a secret that an overwhelming number of deaths happen because of problems with heart or blood vessels. How can this be avoided and how to keep own health?

The modern market of medical products offers a sufficiently wide assortment of medicines. However, not all of them are equally reliable. The drug Caduet holds a leading position among the most popular and trusted drugs for a long time. Caduet is the most effective in the treatment of hypertension, stenocardia, or dyslipidemia.

The use of Caduet
The usage of the drug Caduet at a high arterial pressure leads to a decrease in pressure. If Caduet is applied for treatment of angina, the danger of heart re-attack reduces and also can be observed an improvement of physical condition and overall health.

Caduet is characterized by a balanced formula, so that it can be used even by people with such serious diseases as asthma and diabetes.

Prophylactic use of Caduet

The drug Caduet is not only the medication. For a long time it is used for prevention of cardiovascular disease. Its effectiveness has been proven in the prevention of such complex diseases as coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

Caduet is used for the treatment of complex cardiovascular diseases. It is especially effective in case when special diets and other non-pharmacological treatments do not lead to desired results.

Caduet is characterized as a high quality product which practically does not cause side effects. According to the doctors, all complaints of patients are temporary.

Therefore, the course of treatment is not recommended to interrupt. Typically, all symptoms eventually go away. However, there are the following ailments which are observed the most frequently:

  • Headache;
  • Often, insomnia and anxiety;
  • There may be pain in the stomach or liver.

Also, some patients reported that there was a feeling of nausea or dizziness.

Pregnancy. Whether to take the drug Caduet?
Doctors strongly do not recommend taking Caduet during pregnancy and breastfeeding period. It is composed of active substances that adversely affect the state of the child. If the drug Caduet was prescribed to a woman of reproductive age, she should use only an effective means of protection.

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Today we can say with confidence that life is the movement. The 21st century illustrates this fact very clearly: every year in order to achieve new goals it takes more and more effort but less and less time. However, human resources are not limitless. There are so many situations where people feel bad. The most prevalent diseases in our society are the diseases related to cardiovascular failure.

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Contraindications for Caduet

Caduet is an effective medication for treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Experts characterize it as a reliable remedy with a balanced formula.
However, it is necessary to limit the taking Caduet in some cases:

  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver or kidney disease;
  • The age of patients under 18 years;
  • Absence of contraception in women of childbearing age;
  • Allergic reaction to any components of the drug.

Doctors recommend that to limit the use of alcohol during treatment.

Application at pregnancy
The usage of Caduet during pregnancy is not recommended. However, if this drug has been prescribed to a woman, she should take care of the means of protection against pregnancy.
During lactation, this drug also should not be used because it can negatively affect the health of your baby. If doctor has prescribed Caduet to a woman who breastfeeds, she should move to a bottle feeding.
Any drug has a list of contraindications. Therefore it is advised to carefully study them.

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